Is it needed ? As mothers we need to ask this

Various small achievements of your child go a long way in creating confidence and self-worth in them.

"Bravo! my child has won an essay competition".

"Hey, my child again won the racing event in school."

"I am so lucky to be his/her mother."

We all take pride in the fact that the child is achieving in different events and doing well in life.
But when I start posting every detail of even the smallest success on social media about the child........this may create a problem.

Today children read mother's Facebook or WhatsApp messages and read all the stuff about them. He starts to think, it's good to achieve, it makes people appreciate you, congratulate you. slowly I see, he is becoming an approval junkie.

He needs to know whether his all achievements are validated by others or not. The child starts to look for reassurance. His inner self is directed by what people say about him.

Flaunting the child's achievement is not bad , but doing so constantly on social media, May have its repercussions.