New Age Love Relationship

Today is a world  of  fragile relationship , betrayals, instant gratification and disappointments. we are indeed loosing our sanity and stability in relationships. Love relationships among boys and girls are reeling under paradigm shift. Parents need to adjust to this new age relationship of their young ones. What can be taught to them as parents to keep their chin up in stormy waters?

  • Make your son/daughter create multiple source of income to support their life style.

  • Train them in basic household chores and cooking . Gone are days when women in India used to cook and men used to sit on sofa, they want equal partners now.

  • Give them exposure of sports in life, which can teach them about winning and loosing.

  • Be a good role model in terms of relationship with your spouse.

  • Make your daughter feel confident and special so that she does not look for support and love outside.

  • If women at home are respected, it will be easier for boys to replicate that.

  • Help them inculcate a good hobby , which can come handy in case of broken heart.

  • They must be taught to be watchful while trusting anybody in relationships with their photographs and messages.

  • Create a communication where your young one can freely talk about his relationships with you  and look for help when needed.

Though there is no ready made formula but parents need to adjust their thinking and perspective to help their sons/ daughter wade through these waters.