Parent's Gift to Children

Person's level of self esteem and their degree of self efficacy is a major influence on their mental well being.

Self esteem relates to the question that how much does a person love himself or what degree does he perceives his own sense of worth. Self efficacy relates to the question how much a person believes in their ability to lead themselves towards their goal in different areas of their lives.

In today's time these two virtues can be or should be fostered by parent as a gift for children's life time. It can reinforced by appreciation , helping them achieve small successes , positive role modelling, love , care and accepting them as they are. It can also be reinforced by parents talking about their own mistakes , failures with children from time to time to show them how failures, disappointments are part of life and how they learnt from their failures and moved on.

Parenthood is a journey, it has its ups and down , happiness and hurt , pleasures and burdens. according to Dr.Naomi , the ability to live in harmony with ourselves is one of the key factors for experiencing human happiness.A child who learns to love who he is , is a happier child , a healthier child , more resistant to stressful situations and social rejections , to failures , disappointments , and psychological distress. lets foster these virtues in them.