Writing Nirvana

I was asked whether your friend practices what she writes. Well, this came as a reaction to her article written on parenting as a non-expert parenting guide.

This made me muster quite a few thoughts on the subject of writing. When I write, it's my writing nirvana. I write for myself. It's my inner dialogue which takes shape in the form of script and publishing it on Facebook, Blog or any other social media satisfies every human basic need of appreciation, affiliation, power, etc.

When one writes,
it becomes his own guided journey. It's rightly said, "when one teaches two learn". I also learn when I write. It passively reaches my subconscious awareness.

When one teaches two learn.
Bibliotherapy is an expressive therapy that involves the reading of the specific text with the purpose of healing. It usually supplements other types of therapy. It silently does the work, where verbal confrontations fail sometimes. What about one who writes, it becomes their own journey towards betterment. So pour your heart out, reach your writing nirvana. Let the world know what you write if you can. You never know, if it reaches somebody's mind and heart and makes a difference in their lives.