Helping Others, Helped Myself as well, See How?

Often when I think " I am helping someone", actually I tend to help myself as well. This revelation gets manifested in some way or other. my so-called help to others with no expectation attached, result in some kind of improvement in myself or some new opportunity found or some new experience earned. some time back I arranged a contact for my friend through a friends' friend help, that contact turned out to be more resourceful for my work later. so I am helping myself more by helping others.

New research is providing more and more evidence that kind and helpful behavior cause us to feel that our lives are more meaningful.
Psychologists have distinguished between two types of well being -Hedonic well-being (sense of Happiness) and Eudaimonic well being ( sense of meaning and Purpose). Although happiness and meaning overlap significantly, researchers say helping others is especially critical to the development of a sense of meaning.

We hear how some cases of depression and anxiety benefited out of helping others. It takes away the focus from inward to outward by lifting one's self-esteem. If our energy gets blocked with no outlet or release, negative energy moves in an unbreakable circle. we need to break away this circle by releasing our energy. helping others with their small problems often lights our own path. positive energy by helping others, get thrown back to us in numerous ways.

"What I spent I had; what I saved, I lost; what I gave, I have.”